My boyfriend and I argue everytime we see each other. What should I do?

I dont get see see my boyfriend more than 3 times in a week, sometimes its less than that. But lately everytime we see eachother we find something to argue about and usually its because he is on his phone and doesn't give me as much as attention he used to give. He says that nothing has changed and that he still loves me and still likes to hang out with me, and even though everytime after a while we make peace and promise we won't fight again, it keeps happening over and over, and i want to understand what's happening!


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  • Have one date night a week where you leave both your phones in the car

  • Set up a romantic home date... dinner and a movie maybe.
    When he picks up his phone, take it, set it down and kiss him.
    Be sexy with it, so it doesn't feel intrusive or rude, just sexy and you BOTH paying attention to each other.