Should I tell my boyfriend that the reason I dated him originally was to forget my crush?

Before meeting my bf, there was a guy that I really like. That guy, eventhough already is in a long-distancr relationship, still hangs out with me and texts me a lot. I couldnt stop myself from falling for him.
Then I realize that there is no way we can be together. That was during summer and I had a vacation back to my hometown, where I met my current bf after chating on fb for a while (he is my friend's friend and he offerd to tour-guide me). At that time I was very sad and depress so I hung out with my current bf as a soul therapy. I thought we were just friends until he held my hand. At that point, I just want to forget about the previous guy so I held his hand back. I thought it was just a date, no big deal, when I'm back to my city, we will pretend like there was nothing. But then he asked if I want to be his gf. I was panic! I said I dont want a long-distance relationship. But I didn't tell him that I dont like him. He makes me happy and feel safe so at least, I have a feeling for him. And, he said that he is moving to my city cuz he got a job offer. After that, I chat with him more and more, and I think it is not bad if I become his gf so I agree.
Now, I really like my bf. It just, if he knows that at the begining, I dated him just for fun while he was serious, what would he do to me. Should I tell him about this? Right now, he thinks that me and that guy are friend only so he doesn't care much.
What should I do guys? I dont wanna hurt him...


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  • why would you tell him this? that's a stupid idea. it doesn't matter why, i even think that most people date to forget their ex's. its not necessary to let him know. just be happy together

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