How do you get over that feeling of regret?

You know not making a move and letting time pass by.

How do you personally get over it and any stores?

stories* not stores lol


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  • You don't, i haven't and its been 5 years now, i still compare other women to her.

    • Did you guys date or what happened?

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    • Nope but she was the only girl i kept as a friend, i treated her like a little sister and pretended i felt no attraction towards her. In the end i felt crushed that she wound up dating another one of my friends. He wanted to ask her out and asked for my help in their initial meetings and i agreed trying to fool myself that she wouldn't go for it, but now look what happened, their married and recently had their first child. I could be angry, but the only person i can be angry with is myself, For being so stupid and letting her slip away.

    • Damn. You should write a story about that. I'd read it.

  • Easy you learn from that feeling then make the next move count


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