Why do I stil have that feeling?

okay so me and my current gf
we have been going out for about 4 weeks now
and my ex gf kept messaging me
and saying she doesn't want to speak to me
but she kept talking
i didn't mind talking to her
but i thought i needed to tell my current gf
that my ex keeps talking and i told her
so between the 2 girls became an arguiment
and now my ex gf doesn't talk to me anymore and it has been like that for 4 days now but i kinda miss her talking
and i know my ex gf if i start talking to her she will tell my gf or she will ignore me but why do i still want to talk to her and why do i miss her sometimes


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  • In any relationship we develop a kind of attachment with each other... That attachment is solely responsible for ur feelings for her... can i ask for how long u were in relationship with ur ex

    • about 3 months and those 3 months i had a great time

  • Why did y'all break up?

    • in the end we would only argue and talk about the bad that has happend thats why we broke up

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