Should I text my ex merry Christmas and happy new years on Christmas, his birthday is also coming up sooner?

Me and me ex were on and off for the past 5 years. Recently we've been trying to get back together, I was doing all the work since I was the one mistaken last time, but he was really rude and I told him I give up and I am leaving for good. This was a month ago, his birthday is coming up, and so is Christmas, would it sound desperate to send him a text wishing him merry Christmas or happy birthday?


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  • You gave up and left for good... have you guys remained in contact since, as friends?
    If you've remained cordial and friendly, then there's nothing wrong with texting him "Happy Birthday" or "Merry Christmas"... friends would say that.
    However, if you guys aren't talking at all, there's no reason to text him unless you're wanting to try again.
    You need to decide if you want to try again... because if you don't, DON'T text him... it'll confuse him and open doors you may not want opened.


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  • "I told him I give up and I am leaving for good. "

    Then there's no reason to text or call him. Move on with your life. All you're doing is causing your self more pain.


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  • I would say no because u left for reason so unless u wanna mend things I would say no