What's with this guy? But I miss him!?

For the first time, I met this guy from Tinder. I didn't find him that attractive when I first met him but then for some reason, I got hooked. I was looking for a relationship and he told me he was as well. He's a guy who's really good at talking and saying things that I wanted to hear. We went on a couple of dates and he really knows what to do to make me fall in love with him. I thought we had something going on. However, I caught him ignoring my text messages so I started to have some doubt in him. He would also disappear for a night a day couple of times. Then, he would message me next day I miss you without explaining where he was. I after saw a girl posting flirty things on his Facebook and I got jealous and mad. I couldn't hold onto my emotions and I let him know that I was mad. I ignored him and he tried to chase me back a couple of times. I know that was a mistake to let him know! We had a talk and he basically said we are both single and that he's choosing. He told me he was really upset that I ignored him. But after that talk, he immediately cut out all the sweet stuff from this messages. Conversation started to run dry and we don't talk every day anymore. He would now message me once a week.

I mean, if he's done with me why keep me around? Seems like he don't even want to see me anymore. I have to say sadly, i do miss him :( What should i do?

Today, he messaged me some random stuff again after ignoring my text for a week. It's not like he's seeing me. I haven't seen him for around a month. He never asked to see me so why on earth is he doing this me? It' s getting annoying!
His attitude talking to me also doesn't sounds like he's trying to get me back eitheir


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  • Problem #1: You met him on Tinder
    Problem #2: You were looking for a relationship, and from someone on Tinder.

    He's just keeping you as a side chick. Sounds like a player.


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  • Many of today's toms are sporadic, unpredictable And----Grow cold duck feet when feeling cornered and scared, Quickly running back into the murky waters from which they came from. This bird is no exception to my golden goose rule. They are afraid of the Big "C," which is Commitment.
    Things started off fine and dandy and with hearing what you wanted to hear, he told you just Anything, stringing along to get what he most likely ended up getting... Now-----Conversation started to run dry and we don't talk anymore.
    Bottom line is, he doesn't want a Real relationship nor be hooked to the hip with You or just anyone. He chooses to be Here today, gone tomorrow and has so much as even said 'we are both single and that he's choosing.' And with This, he has already made up his mind to play the field, yet 'Play' you as well. You are a cutie convenience that he can call or text anytime he wants... He wants his cake and eat it too.
    Delete him from your life, block him from your cell, and whatever Other media site you have him on, Dump him from there as well... He is using you for whenever the chips should get down, I am seeing a Raised Red Flag with this 'Tinder' tom cat.
    Good luck. xx

    • He sent me a text today and I ignored him. He then send me multiple text saying that he got ignored. He's so confusing!!!

    • He is not only a 'Player' but very good at playing head games... He's feeling guilty so thought he would text and found it Exasperating that someone would have the nerve to put Him on a pay no mind list.. He's not so hard to figure out... He's good at what he does, probably has had lots of practice, this goose. xx

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