Benefits and disadvantages with a short girl & semi tall boy?

What are some benefits and disadvantages to having a short girlfriend (4"10') and a guy a foot taller.


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  • Short girls are fun to cuddle and also they look cutter than others.
    But its hard to dance with them.
    But really i dont care if girl is tall or short.


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  • Girls like guy who is taller so enjoy it


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  • I don't care about height THAT much though. It's never been a deal maker or breaker for me.

    Pros -
    I, personally, like it when a guy is tall enough to rest his chin on my head... I don't know why, I just think it's cute, sweet, and comforting.
    It's fun to climb him for hugs, I've always enjoyed that (I've dated VERY tall guys before).

    Cons -
    Kissing while standing can be difficult.
    Dancing can also be difficult.

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