Why would he tell me his plan is to marry me and that he has always liked me right when he's moving?

Guys would usually say something like that to get you to sleep with them but here he was moving for work. I've known him for 4 years now and We dated, have hooked up and had sex many times. I found he was moving for work and reached out to wish him luck. then he told me all these things. but we don;t really talk, unless he comes back then we do a bit


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  • Probably just wants to get it off his chest

    Or wants to get laid one more time. Your pick.

    • I was already gone, back at school when we had this convo so he couldnt have gotten laid

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  • I read your other post which had more detail. The question is do you feel anything for him really? or do you just like him as your friend/ FWB? .. If he isn't texting you anymore after his move it might be because the times he tried to drunkenly kiss you, you kept denying him and telling him you guys were still friends. He may have had a few drinks to get the courage to make a move on those occasions. And he told you that now cause I guess he couldnt before and since he's moving he figured he needed to get it off his chest.

    • He knows I like him too. But he said because of the distance we were just friends. he said that first to me so I started to turn him down when he tries to kiss me everytime we see eachother. It makes it really hard when we hookup and then he leaves. He just left two weeks ago and a week before we left he just showed up at my house with out mutual friend because I was having people over but didn't invite him. He still kept saying he sees a future for us. We ended up making out and he slept over, he tried really hard to sleep with me but I didn't go for it. The next day I said I would sleep with him before he left, he told me he had some work thing and he would get back to me and nevr did.

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    • exactly what Im thinking his actions dont match his words. I want us to be together but long distance would be tough. I just want to know if he's genuine with what he's says because if not there's no point to any of this

    • I say let him be, if he truly wants to be with you he'll show it.. stop wasting your time wondering and trying to get answers out of him cause if he doesn't wanna really tell you what's on his mind then he's not worth it

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