So there's this guy? What should I do?

So I'm currently in the middle of a breakup, and I recently met somebody named "Sade". Slade is a really cute, sexually atractive guy. He has nearly 5,000 friends on Facebook and a lot of girls like him. He once wrote on my wall "I love you too hottie :)" after i kept liking his photos/statuses. He and I have spoken a few times, and we seem to get along quite well. However, a lot of girls like him, and I want him to recognize me. I also think I shpould mention this: he's an immigrant from Mexico and he's been through a lot, including lying/cheating exes, and his father is no longer involved with his family, and his mom doesn't get along with him. I think because of this, he resorts to drinking/smoking/partying/sex (he's a party guy). He's really special to me; he's the most beautiful man I've ever met in my life. Advice?


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  • I'm going to get straight to the point. This guy, "Slade" does not seem like the best person to get into a relationship with (right after a breakup). It seems like he has a bad past with dating and to be honest, that is a situation you do not want to put yourself in. Yes he seems attractive, and yes you like him. But here's the thing, relationships in a nutshell are basically the person that you hope to love and be with for the rest of your life correct? Well, I'm not sure you want to be with someone who resorts to drinking, partying, and smoking etc. It also seems like he has a past with messy breakups with cheating etc. Coming down to it, it is basically just messy and bad dating habits, whos to say your name won't be added to that list of lying/cheating exes... ya know? It just seems like going into a relationship with someone with all these bad habits can only result in a bad outcome. Be safe and hopefully you take my advice into consideration and think about your decision very carefully. And just to be clear, I highly advise you to overlook this guy, I'm so positively sure, you can find someone who is better! Good luck!