How long do rebound relationships typically last?

Maybe just a rough number? I'm curious of the over all and how much they actually work

  • 1-4 months
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  • 6 months
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  • a year
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  • there's no way of knowing.
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  • Not usually past the "honeymoon phase" which is roughly 3 months.

    • I wonder why that is? I'm a psych major lol so I'm doing a bit of research. what do you think attracts someone to a rebound?

    • You're in luck! I'm into sociology, and I'm a "recovered" Borderline, so have immense personal insight experience. It's a fear of being alone, and a need to prove to yourself that it was their fault, not yours. If someone else wants you, then obviously you're desirable, thus the fault does not lie with you. It's a personal delusion to use a coping mechanism. The "honeymoon phase" happens in every relationship. It's the initial period after coupling up, while you're till drunk on puppy love when their flaws are still invisible to you. We all put on masks when beginning a new relationship on any kind, because we want them to like us. It's only when we grow more comfortable that the ugly truth starts to reveal itself as we let down our walls.

    • thats cool. I'm taking sociology 101 and i picked this for my research paper

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