India, family, white dude and relationships? [indian girls, possibly thai]

Hi people, im from the Czech Republic and heavily thought about moving to any warm weather country, India probably won this over Thailand because of many reasons, besides that i see its econnomical growt as a good opportunity. But one question still lays in my head. Indian girls. What would they think about white guy and dating some. Since i would mind staying alone for rest of my life because religious or racial obstructions. I have read that a family is very important for indians, but my family is actually reason i want to move out, i can be honest here... none knows me... my father is redneck alcoholic that doesn't even going to work... me and my mother are only who makes money in this family and residing is a excuse not to see them. How much could it cause trouble in India being disconnected from my family, being non-religion and white... thats other thing maybe indian girls find whites to be ugly, and then i would stay forever without any social connections.




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  • Sup my friend, I'm Czech too but I figured I should speak English, simply to not make anyone feel excluded XD May I just asked why you picked India? There are many other warm countries, so I'm just wondering. It would be a massive change for you to move that far away. You will not know anyone, and the cultural differences can be quite overwhelming. I moved to Germany a couple years back, and it's been a enormous change, although it is only a country away. I have been to Thailand, and the differences in lifestyle and culture are close to indescribable. Let me just remind you that both India and Thailand are third world countries, and the good o' Czechland will seem like paradise in comparison. I'm not saying those countries are inferior, nor am I hating on anyone, I'm just trying to be objective. I understand that you wanna get away for a while, but I suggest a country that is rather close by. Have you considered the Mediterranean Countries? Oh, I also forgot to mention the obvious language barrier, which might cause some difficulty as well.


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  • We don't fight whites ugly, but white is not the colour you guys are.. almost a pinkish peach :D You guys are attractive as any other race, we don't distinguish really :)
    family is pretty tight knit yea like you said. But times are changing and we don't really care about what kind of guy he is, just whether we love him or not. Though it does turn into a kind of hassle when we bring him home to meet the parents.. pheww hahah, but then again its the modern times :D


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  • Well, I am from India, and wouldn't suggest you to make such a big leap from a developed nation to our (forever) developing, third world country!
    Other Indians will probably bash me for talking against my nation, but I believe in facts above anything else!

    Please consider other developed nations to relocate. Preferably Europe , or southern china.
    Have you visited India before? You will not like most of the things here, like crowd, stinky people, crazy traffic zooming past inches from your body, jealous guys trying to make fun of you, lack of reliable basic facilities, and the biggest of them all - POLLUTION!
    There is literally all forms of pollution here that you can imagine of! Air, noise, water, food, light, waste, soil, visual pollution is what comes to my mind. And not a single city/town would be suitable for you, since every city/town has got a long list of disadvantages!

    Seriously man, we are accustomed here, and I don't feel like moving to US, UK etc due to cultural differences and racism. That's why I will have to live here my whole life. Believe me, you don't wanna live here for the rest of your life!

    Still, pack your bags and come here as a tourist for a few months to gain first hand experience, so that you can decide yourself.