Why does he act like this?

Question Detail: I won't get into detail but the kid I like knows I like him. He's not the flirting type. Last year he'd always try to be near me (when we had co-ed gym class 3rd period) like, on my team. The guys would always put us together or subtly tease him.. I didn't know anyone else knew so he must've told them that I like him. Anyways his group of friends from last year are in my lunch and sit at the table in front of me. For the first 2 days of school I didn't know where he sat but it wasn't with that group. Monday one of his friends at that table was looking at me, and a few mins later he came with two other guys and sat facing me. He's really shy, I'm quiet, and his friends are pretty reserved. It's really awkward because we both know of each other but haven't ever talked (not even in gym). I got called out in lunch to go to the attendance office, nothing bad, just had to pick up something. Everyone thought I was in trouble because one of the counselor/teachers was (of course) at the other end of my crush's table, YELLING if anyone knew who I was/where I was. My friend said that when the teacher was asking if anyone knew me, he looked at the teacher shocked, and then at me kind of in disbelief. As I as walking I apparently tripped and my friend said that he was watching me and laughed to himself. Yesterday my friend was talkin to me and said not to look at him, so I asked why. She said that his friend leaned over and told him "She's looking at you. You should see the looks she's giving you right now." and he smiled... I wasn't even looking at this kid! Do you think they're making fun of me or does he like me?


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  • First they started to make fun of him and you but he's kinda like you now. Start to talk to him more, get close to him and Good Luck. I'm a shy guy myself by the way


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