Should I be so heart broken or give it another shot. Advice needed please!!?

I love my boyfriend but not sure what to do. He has been separated from his wife for the last 2 years. We have been together for the last couple months. We always said we had an open phone policy the other night I was waiting in the car and decided why not, well I found text messages to his separated wife calling her babe and how he cries because another men spent the night with her.

She lives 5 hours away but still not sure how to go about this i was so hurt!!


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  • Don't sell yourself so short, why be heart broken? You see the kind of shit he pulls, wimpy, deceptive and desperate type shit.
    Why give him the pleasure of another chance, see yourself for what you are, a woman worthy of all a man's attention. Cut that that dude short and don't waste your precious valuable time.


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  • I think it's time for you to move on. He's obviously trying to get back with her.

  • Looks like he still cares a lot about his ex, he doesn't deserve you. If you're willing to wait until he gets over his ex it's up to you.


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