I really messed up and I need to do something help me please..(HEELPPP)?

I had lots of mistakes in my relationship and it ended
with the time of the break up
i realized we both were wrong,, and I should've act like my real age.

I acted like 16 the whole time while I am 21
my guy hated when i called him the whole time and texted him as well, i always fought with him when we meet because of my jealousy..

now he's so done with me, i called him two days ago and tried to talk , he said he got someone new but I can feel it deep inside he's lying
he said he's straight now and he won't cheat on her,
i asked him what did she do , made you this good guy out of the sudden

he said, she respects me a lot , she never bother me and she doesn't hang with my cousins and sister.

which I always did, but the respecting part is wrong i always respected him.

we kept on talking like for an hour, then he said I'll call you back in a while

I waited and waited, then called him and he gave me busy,
on that day I was traveling and I was tired
so after 3 hours i sent him a message saying aren't you gonna call?

then he started being angry, saying I was tasting you and you failed you are still the nagging kind of a girl...

which I'm not i just needed to sleep and couldn't because I really wanted him to talk to me :(

now I fucked it up and I don't know what to do,,,
and why would he test me if he got someone else?
is he lying about the girl's part?
and what can I do to show him that I changed
i'm no longer that girl who turn him on and leave him , not the girl who freaks out over anything and bother him with calls.. it's not me anymore I just want my man back...


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  • It seems he's moved on and you need to do so as well. Don't mean to make it sound so harsh but you live and learn from relationships. You'll make mistakes and when its past and gone, you realize it when time goes by it could have been different. Things change and people change. I know how you feel, I've been there done that with my ex. We're on and off talking, we've had a long history but it's best to move on for your sake. It'll eat you up even more if you try to hold on. I tried to contact him but when things aren't the same as they used to be, it was better for me to leave him. I had to move on with my life. I've never felt better because you may have history but you can move on to find another. The past is the past. Give him his space. The more you try talking to him, he's going to get annoyed with you. Let things run it course. I hope you'll get past all this because you don't need to stress yourself out.

    • yeah i think so, I'm moving on but then I remember when he was younger and how innocent we used to be, all the promises and it's just...
      I'll let it go because there's no other way i can see it happening ever again
      he just wanted sex its obvious :/

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  • Your Boi is still there, he just needs space. Give him a few weeks to get some fresh air and clear his thoughts, let him text you to see if his interest is there. If he's not interested then it's over simple.
    9/10 he will come around but keep in mind you aren't missing out on anything not being with that guy. Yes you were clingy and yes you made him bitter, but things change as do emotions and feels.

    • I stayed away before contacting him again for like a month and two weeks, he unblocked me on whatsapp and phone call, ( after the last fight he blocked me everywhere), so i thought to myself it's a sign for me to talk to him and I did, but as you see i called him and he said I was tasting u and u failed , I know 100% if i met him things will go right but he won't even listen..

    • Just move on, They always come back after you move on. Probably not what you want to hear, but most relationships that end up like yours take waaay more effort and mental stress to repair than just to move on and start brand new. Hell, you might even find someone who makes that guy look like a pencil neck loser.

  • Just go find someone else. It's not worth this drama.

    • It is, we've been dating for six years, this guy means a lot to me

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    • therefore i wanna stop being immature with him and show him I changed, but he won't listen to me

    • Because he's done with the relationship.

  • you can't. I can see that you both are still being immature towards each other. now grow up and make it better the next time


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