Some Good Things to do While on a Date?

So this girl that I just started talking to is always down to hang out, but we probably won't get to until the date that we have set up in a few weeks, because we are both really busy with that is going on in school.

Though we are going to a sports event, I would still consider it a date since she actually agreed to go out and do something with just me, even though it's not the romantic kind of date.

Now what should I do while we are out? Obviously be a gentleman, but what else? I don't kiss on the first date, especially not a romantic date. The only other thing I got is hinting towards future date ideas.

Any suggestions?


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  • Since you like this girl, if I were you I would give her a rose, just to show that you're interested and being nice. That usually works and girls like little details like that. But keep it as an option, if you're not into that.

    Now, the only thing I can tell you is to be yourself, don't over think things and don't be nice, just to be nice. Be who are in front of her, let her see the person you really are. Also get to know her a little bit more, there's no right or wrong questions to ask, because when it comes to it, only you and her would be there and maybe none of these "good things to do while on a date" would matter.

    Good luck


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  • get to know her
    don't sit on your mobile that can be annoying
    don't order something that's too messy for a first date haha
    ask her about interests
    be funny and sweet
    it should go well :)

  • Ask her questions about herself. People love talking about themselves and it shows you take a great interest in her. As a result she'll want to be around you more and ask you questions too.

    • Since this whole date is about 4 weeks away, we usually just text like that. Not everyday, but enough to make the whole 4 week wait not die out.

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