Have any woman dated younger guy if so how would be the relationship do you take them seriously?

I like a woman who is 11 years older than me , she flirt back but she never approach me so im wondering if i approach her would i regret it , or not , how is the realtionship with older women , do you take younger guys seriously , she have been flirting for months , and i didn't see her for long time but im thinking to talk to her , she is 33 im 23 , so any opinions or experinces?


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  • I haven't, but my mom dated my ex after we separated. That's where my little sister came from.

    • Damn seriously?

    • Yep, he also dated two of my sisters and gave them children. He is the father of nine girls: Three with me (two different pregnancies, a girl and a pair of twin girls); three girls (triplets) with my elder twin sister; twins with my younger sister, and a girl with my mom. All the girls, except for my twins are the same age (they all are 4-year-old).

    • What are u okay with that

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  • If you're mature then I don't see why it matters but it all depends on her.

    • I hope she is mature too lol

  • Since she is older she will probably take the relationship more seriously you only live once give it a shot


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