Do Armenians and Persians marry?

I know both cultures are leaned more towards their own race, but do they like one another/will they date one another?

They are neighboring countries with a lot of history- they get along fairly well.

In other words, do they like each other enough to date? Are their cultures similar enough?


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  • In general, I think so... but if culture plays really an important role, I don't know since I am not an Armenian nor Persian... maybe you need specific answer from Persians like @Soren or Armenians. :).


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  • :D thanks @-Zoe- for mention :D
    Actually the persians can integrate with all kind of cultures :D BUT for dating and be in a Relationship, The persians are also so typical :D so to answer ur question, it's possible, but it's not easy :D it d├ępends of u or everyone else who want date a persian :p
    And for marriage :D there is a really big problem :) the problem is religion :)
    So good luck :p

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