Why was he asking me this?

I recently went on a holiday to my mother's home country for a month and as I was about to come home my boyfriend texted me:

"they haven't married you to a guy there i hope :P"

I said no and said I wouldn't marry a guy from there. He didn't reply for like 30 mins even though he saw my message and then went "haha, ok"

Why was my boyfriend asking me this? Was it just a joke or is there more behind it?


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  • He was just joking. You're way over paranoid.

    • Well, maybe he was. But it's not the first time he has made a joke like that..

    • So? I tell jokes all the time, some of them on the same subject matter. They're jokes. :)

    • True I guess :P

  • I think that he was sincere and its probably because he still has feelings for you


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