My girlfriend of 5 months told a guy she missed him when he was gone for 4 hours?

There's a girl i've been with for 5 months and we are extremely close and very in love. Normally she tells me when a guy texts her, especially one who likes her, but she never even told me this guy liked her and just last night after we had sex I saw her text and tell him she missed him. Should I be worried? I talked to her about it and she cried really hard because she felt like she hurt me and swore to me she has no feelings for him, then blocked him. What should I do? I want to just forget about it but I feel like she may be lying and have feelings for him, even if there's just a little. She NEVER tells guys she misses them, ever. We had a big upset talk over this, and she felt like she lost me and hates herself because of this... I'm worried because I told her if she has no feelings for him it's no big deal, but she seemed really guilty. Does that mean there's something she isn't telling me? Advice anyone? I was just going to forget about it and try to act like nothing happend.

Thanks to the guys who answered. She blocked and deleted him before I could see what else, but she told me he texted her then dissappeared for 4 hours at school, then she said she missed him and a couple more things then blocked and removed him.
I don't think she'd put our relationship at risk like that though, she told me she thought it was no big deal especially when she had no feelings... but then again, why would she feel so guilty, and think she hurt me? Something must be going on.


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  • Even though you both have been in this wonder Fairy tale romance, there Could be a small chance that being she gave this little peon her Number, that they have been talking, obviously Texting and Now----She has gotten her hand stuck in the cookie monster's jar.
    Okay, so now goes the 'Delete' button, but with her pushing the button on One end, it has stirred up toil and trouble on Your end, making you Now wonder: Does that mean there's something she isn't telling me?
    Yes, to be truthful there Is And---Was. But if you love her, you'll forgive her, forget this the best that you can, and Move on from it to save this newbie relationship that I know in your heart that you want More to come down the road. I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance, especially pulling on your heart strings as this one is doing.
    Unless she gives you any more proof in the sweet pudding that she could still be having her cake and eat it too, let it rest, let sleeping digs lie and keep her on a short leash.
    She is whining and howling because she knows she is in the dog house, so be cool, keep your yelp quiet, and If you see that she is biting the hand that is feeding her again, tell her she is barking up the wrong tree And------Give her Her walking papers and send her down the Forgotten path... No trust, no use of being tied down any more... I am not seeing 6 months nor Another shot with this pup again.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just read NOW your update.. Keep a close eye on this little pup from going astray... xx

    • Thank you so much, you seem very wise. To be honest, this guy got her number from one of her friends who she used to message on Xbox Live. Normally she'd tell me a guy texted her especially one who likes her, but she didn't tell me anything and told him she missed him, is it possible she just missed him as a friend? she told me she saw things in him that resembled me, but he has a lot of immaturity and there's no way anything would work with them.

    • There may also be some things else that she sees him that is missing with you, although I do believe her when she says this that you both 'rese, ble' one another... Just a crush, someone she wanted for now in her life as a friend... But it's good to keep tabs on the situation any ways... Let's see how much she 'misses him' now... Yes, immaturity has a lot to play, but this is How, by getting caught in the cookie jar, that one learns a lesson, no matter how old they are... Yes, wise as an owl, for sure, thank you... xx

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  • Dam man that sucks and hate when I hear shit like that happen. In one hand, you should let it go and see what hppens. On another hand she got caught and maybe she does have some feelings for him. She could always unblock him when you'return not around. Best of luck to you.

  • kinda hard to answer when you don't really give us the full story. If you maybe saw some of the previous texts, it would be more clear what is really going on here. So if you haven't already, you should ask to see the texts that were leading up to that one where she says " I miss you".

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