How do you know a guy want's to be your boyfriend?

So i've been thinking about bringing up the relationship talk. I really really like him. I'm not sure if i'm totally comfortable labeling our relationship but I want to be exclusive.

Things that's he's done is ask me if I want any special type of food from the grocery store for his place, he has riden the bus in public and kissed me goodbye and held my hand on the bus (campus transportation), has taken me out to restaurants, and I"ve met his roommates.

I'm not sure he he wants to label it either.. we done basically everything but sex together. And I guess I"m looking for some security in the situation.

We've been seeing each other for 3 weeks. Is it too soon?

What should I do?


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  • What does labeling it mean literally.

    That you're not having see with anyone else. So just tell him you don't want to have sex with anyone but him. If he feels the same then you can agree to be exclusive. If not since you want security and he doesn't move on.

    Or since you're not actually having sex yet just say I want to be with you. If he ants to be with you too then you're together.

    Or since it al means the same thing it's ask him if he's wants to be your bf. Bc you may not want to label it bit you any to know if he Wants to be your bf. I know you any to know bc you asked us how you can know.

    So just ask him.


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  • Guys are never "just friends" with girls. He likes you.

  • The attraction is there, See if he's looking to start a relationship with you (because if not he's just wasting your time) The guys obviously nice, just ask him.

  • Going too fast. Hang out with him more before anything.


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