Can someone help me please I need it?

there is a girl at my office that i like (we were friends ) i already told her that and she told me that she is not ready as she recently breakup a 4 years relationship, and stopped talking to me for 6 weeks, two days ago she started to talk to me again but not like before, it is clear that she is me to do or say something i am not sure what to say or do i don't want to make things worst and i am afraid that i am dong that by not saying anything.


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  • Whenever someone says "I'm not ready for a relationship" they are really saying "I'm not ready for a relationship (with you)". Move on, and treat her like a friend - nothing more.

    • Ok, that what i tried to do i tried to keep my distant as she said (we can't be friends anymore) i told her that she will always be a friend to me.
      now the thing that i am trying to understand is what she want me to do, i can see it when she look at me that there is something that she is not saying

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    • Then ask her out again, but be willing to take the loss if she rejects you. And know that this is the end... don't be her shmoopy friend at work at all if she rejects you.

    • will that is one thing i am sure i won't be,
      the thing is all what i want to know is what she want i can't ask her out without knowing that is what she want i dont want to be the shmoopy friend or the weird guy that the office who keep asking her out making her uncomfortable

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