She hasn't added me to Facebook, but seems interested?

Well, you know... there is a girl who I get to see twice a week before lecture and we have been talking off-and-on during that time. She seems like a nice girl, but I added her to Facebook about two weeks ago and she hasn't added me yet.

Whenever I talk to her, though, she smiles and blushes. I caught her a couple of times today staring at me while I was standing in the crowd of people waiting to get in, smiling every time I looked over at her.

My question is, though, whether or not you think she is interested in me (romantically), or is just being nice and acknowledging my presence? Every time she looked at me in lecture she would smile and blush... which is strange, but it could just be friendly.


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  • Facebook means nothing.


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  • I would take it as friendly for now. and she probably hasn't logged on fb yet?

    • I checked earlier today and it said she recently became friends with somebody, which is strange... but then again the girl in question may have added her a long time ago and that person could have just logged on recently. Who knows? I am just curious on what I should do. I feel like asking for her number.

    • I would say fuck FB and go straight for the number when you're feeling it. I ask for numbers and completely ignore social media.

  • Just add her man. I added several girls I like before. It's not a biggie deal

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