Is it weird to text him?

I met this guy and we really hit it off. We exchanged numbers but when we talked he it was different. He would always answer but go in periods of cutting the convo short and seemin not wanting to talk to sometimes talking a lot. He made me feel like maybe he wasn't interested cuz i noticed he didn't ask much about me and i had to initiate conversation all the time. But why did he always answer? Anyway, we never hung out hed say hed want to but it never happened. I even said to him he can just say no to me and he told me if he didn't want to he wouldn't say he would. The last time we talked i felt lk he was being rude he kept sayin how he works and is always busy so i just felt lk i was annoying him so i said ill leave him alone and we haven't talked since. He hasn't bothered and neither have i. Its been a month. Recently I've been thinking about texting him but i feel like it would be weird. I felt such a connection with him and we had such a good time and im thinking maybe things and emotions were misread in texts. Should i try to reach out again? Would i seem weird and creepy or stalkerish? What should i say?


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  • It's been a MONTH and you're still wondering? Just move on without him, he obviously isn't interested.

    • Thats what i want to do but something keeps making me want to reach out... curiosity i guess

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