First Kiss gone bad.

Okay so three days ago I made out with a boy for the very first time. I thought I was doing "okay" for my first time and he said so on the phone that night that I did okay. And only last night my friend rang and said he said I was really bad. I can't stop thinking about it as I have to see him tomorrow and im just gonna get really self conscious every time I kiss him. What do I do? I really like him but I don't want to let him down, I have never had a boyfriend or anything so ofcourse it wasn't gonna be spot on its just I can't help but feel terrible about it. I told him that he has to show me everything and he nodded and smiled but I just dont know.


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  • Maybe you need to consider a new boyfriend. He sounds like an asshole for complaining that you wanted to make out with him. At your ages and experience level, ANY make out should be good. :)


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  • Let him know whats up. Don't come on too strong, but make sure you he isn't lying to you ever. That's a bad start for a relationship.