Girls, would you go out with your sister's ex?

So my sister dated this guy for like nearly two years. When they broke up, it wasn't very friendly. The guy asked me out twice. I rejected him both times.

A few years down the road, he dates this one girl for three years and almost married her... then after he breaks up with the girl he asked me "what would happen if it worked between us? Just a curious thought."

I don't want to date him because he's kind of... not my type of person. He isn't really strong and protective like... something I want in my boyfriend. But also, it's because he is my sister's ex. Is that a bad reason to reject him?


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  • You need to justify to yourself why you're rejecting a guy? Jeez, talk about self-imposing a burden of proof that works against you lol

    Also, as a quick side-note.. "He isn't really strong and protective" .. which matters why in a society with laws and law enforcement to protect you from civilians, or the military to protect you against other mass tribes of people? What is a strong and protective boyfriend going to do when I'm pointing my 12 gauge shot gun at him from 8 feet away? He can't disarm me, he can't evade or avoid it; if he moves he's dead. So, other than piss on his pants, he's utterly useless. So, to the extent that this is seriously a selection criteria in your mate selection process, 2014 (not going onto 2015) strongly urges you to reconsider.

    As far as the fact that your sister dated him, I don't know, why don't you ask your sister?

    I was once going out with a girl, where both her and her sister were attractive - very attractive (both of them, and in very different ways). They were only 1-2 years apart too. That's a recipe for disaster for any man that marries either sister. Anyway, I was going out with the younger sister, and we ended up breaking things off (on good terms). Then, the older sister was coming onto me. So, I understand the knee-jerk reaction of pushing the other person away, because I didn't want to disrespect my ex (similar to how you don't want to disrespect your sister). It turned out to be a good thing, because then when the younger sister found out, she was pissed, but at least she wasn't pissed at me.

    • First off, I already asked my sister. I asked this question because I'd like to see other people's opinion on this subject and if they can offer me a different side to it.

      Second of all OBVIOUSLY if you point a gun at someone, they are defenseless. What I mean by the fact that he is NOT protective and strong is that he is wimpy and that trait is a TURN OFF for me PERSONALLY.

      And for how that situation worked out for you great. She wasn't pissed off at YOU but I'm sure that created tension between her and her sister NOT you because YOU are not her family.

      Lastly, YES, I need to justify why I reject a guy to see if I was right to do that. I need a reason, a motive to make a decision. If not, let's all make decisions without thinking about why and the effects.

    • First, clap, clap, clap.

      Second, you could have just said he "is" "wimpy," instead of he "is not" "protective and strong."

      Third, you only need to think about the consequences of "accepting" him as your boyfriend. Phrased differently, do you or do you not have to think about the consequences of saying "yes" to him as your boyfriend? And, if you do, do you then also have to think about the consequences of "rejecting" him as your boyfriend? So, you mean there's a situation where the dangers of rejecting him outweigh the dangers of accepting him, and you should lean in favor of "accepting" him to avoid the dangers of rejecting him.. but while accepting the dangers of accepting him? o. O Why would you create that double-bind for yourself.

      The only thing you have to consider is whether you have to accept. Sorry, can't, my sister, loyalty, family, don't take it personal, as Robert Frost says about life, "It goes on."

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  • Personally I wouldn't do you really want to date someone that was with your sister... moral standards. Keeping it in the family is not a good thing when it comes to something like that. Just think how would you feel if your sister did that to you.

  • I would totally get with him maybe he's good in bed haha u will never know

  • I don't know, but my ex dated my two sisters after we separated. He had sex with both and even impregnated them. He got me pregnant to.

  • Well, I would never go out with him. Ever. Only because he's my sister's ex.

    It's 99.9% fair enough to reject him because of it. Since it was a serious relationship, it would just be awkward.. And/or would be upsetting..

    • yeah! that was what I thought. And to think I was wrong... thank you!

    • No problem!! If they went out for, say, two weeks and she gave you the go a head then that'd be fine.. But noo XD Good luck with everything though!