Does it really make a difference whether the guy texts/calls first?

When you are dating does it make a difference whether you or him calls/texts first? Should you make him put in the effort? How do you do it with out him thinking you are ignoring him or something?


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  • NO!
    If you want him, reach out and grab him. If there's one thing you should know about playing hard to get then it's that we guys HATE it! We know you love us, and playing hard to get will only make us annoyed. Also it makes us prone to suspect you may be a dramaqueen.
    So don't play hard to get!


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  • Well it depends I text first every now and then and I wait for her to text first to show interest in the person


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  • There is no diffrence. As long as you or him is not clingy... It doesn't matter.

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