Did I mess this up completely?

Talked to a guy I met online + met Saturday (he lives 4 hrs away). Had a great time when we met- after he txted me- had a lot of fun + how cute and cool I was. Txted back n' forth constantly until ystrday. He said he'd thought bout me the past days. I said I would visit this weekend and he said he had to work. I said that was ok, I'd just sit in his apt + work. He said last time he'd brought a girl back to his apartment, his nosy neighbors reported him to the office saying he had a girl who didn't pay rent living there. I said I'd be super quiet and noone would kno I was there. He said he would have to think about it. I asked if we could talk when he got off work. He called me later. Talked again about his apt situation and I said again that I would be super quiet. He said he would think about it again. He said he was thinking about me a lot. I said "really?" and he said, "Does that surprise U?" I said- "Yes." This morning I didn't get a good morning text like he usually sends. Txts from 2day:
Me: "Good morning, how did you sleep? I realized I may have bothered u ystrday, so I apologize."
Him: hour later "I slept terrible. U didn't bug me, but u wer being pushy, but don't apologize :)"
Me: "I realized that today. Sorry."
Him: "It's ok. At work now."
Me: "Have a good day at work. Can we talk later?" No response.
Me: (3 hrs later): Hope ur having a good day at work. I kno u said don't apologize, but I feel just awful bout ystrday how I acted. I'm not usually like that and I hope u don't think less of me." No response.
I called him 6 hrs later left a vmail- he texted after that "You called? Everything ok? At work still". Me: "Didn't realiz u wer @ work. Everything is great- hope we can talk later. Wen do u get off? Must be a long day." Him: "It's been a long day. What does ur vmail say?". Me: "I was apologizing so just delete it. Hope we can talk later :) If ur not 2 tired."
He hasn't responded. Did I make an issue from nothing? Is this beyond repair? Help!


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  • u need to have patience. To me, u ruined it when at the point where u said:

    ME: Hope ur having a good day at work. I kno u said don't apologize...

    i'l give u a couple advices and u should be able to take it on from there. guys don't like girls that r too sticky or too attached. u also showed that u r toooo into him and that's waay too early. When u text something just wait for an answer. Never follow it up by something else hoping it would make him reply faster or change his perception. I would recommend to wait for 2 or 3 days, if he didn't reply then there might be something wrong and it would sound good to email him or call him or something.
    In my opinion, after u asked him ' can we talk later' u shoulda waited until he text u back.

    Good luck.


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