Did I say 'I love you' too soon?

I've been dating an incredible man for 10 months now. A few days ago, I told him that I loved him for the first time... and it was met with silence. He pulled me close to him, kissed me, and proceeded to make mad, passionate love to me (our sex life is incredible, btw). He holds me, kisses me, takes me to all his favorite hang-outs, cooks for me, and even rebuilt my carburetor. So his actions seem to show that he loves me... but he hasn't said the words. Is it possible he does love me and just isn't comfortable saying it?

Soooo happy... he finally told me last night that he loves me. ;). He even said he has loved me for a while now, and was just caught off guard by the words when I said them, so he wasn't sure how to respond. So happy that I waited and didn't push the issue.


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  • I truly believe that men aren't as comfortable with saying "I love you" as women are. C'mon, men aren't supposed to show any emotion, right? ;)

    As long as the silence wasn't awkward (and it doesn't sound like it was) then there's no need to worry. After you said "even rebuilt my carburetor" I knew that this guy has feelings for you.


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  • I thought women prefer men that tend into action than just words? 😁😁
    just saying..
    for your question , in my opinion , yes


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