Does chemistry actually exist? or is it just a concept we make up?

This man and I have" chemistry" but never really acted upon it. We go to the same college, not really close friends, but we do talk and cordially say hi to each other (have short convos). I know that he feels it too. It just nothing has really happened between us. Every time I am around him I feel good, comfortable, calm, like myself... I never felt like this before.

Before he tried to play me then was mean to me when people were around. But when alone he always wants to be close and talk. But I got tired of his crazy actions and treated him the same way he treated me and ignored him until he started being kind to me. Ever since then he has been really sweet. But has not made any moves on me at all. Just treats me more like a friend but has been saying hi to me when we pass each other which has never happened before till now.

Is there anything I could do? What tips and ideas do you guys have for me. I am 21 and he is 23. We are both in the same university senior year lol last year. I have no idea what to do? I have no experience never had a boyfriend, dated or anything. Please help me I really appreciate it. I do not know if I should act on it or just ignore it and let it go.

I like him but its not a crush really but I feel good around him. I don't know why... or what to do about it.


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  • Wow, keep all your feelings hidden and when it finally dissolves, you can think about it for the next 40 years. That sounds like a terrible idea, doesn't it? I would tell him that you like him and have fun when you are out, so what about trying out some proper dates? Two possible responses. Either way, you will feel much better about this way down the line. Or imagine what you could have done with him way into the future. Your choice.

    By the way, most guys would love to hear this.

    • That is definitely true. I will try and see what happens since there is really nothing to lose. I hope this works out somehow in a positive way. Thank you ^_^.

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  • For a moment I thought you meant atual chemistry - the science of matter. I was ready for a facepalm, but then I realized you meant chemistry between two people.

    Anyway, yes it exists. There are certain chemical processes going on in our bodies when we feel attracted to someone.

    • Sorry about about the question. I didn't mean for it to be confusing lol I didn't think this through. Thank you so much.

    • i thought the same thing hahaha

    • I was not thinking when I wrote that question lol I wish I could change it but I can't. XD

  • Well it's not a thing per-say, but like you say it's something you feel. Like being angry, it's not really a thing but you feel it (bad example because your body releases pheromones and stuff). Nevermin the last one it's like air, you can't see or taste it but it's there; but in this case emotionally. So if you feel a connection and get vibes from other person then just act on it.
    Also just because it was never acted upon doesn't mean it wasn't there

    • Thats true its just really weird. I think he likes me but then his friends or other people come around and it (he) changes. Its like he is trying to fight it or there are times when he talks to me or gets close to me once in a while and then he has to catch himself. I have no idea what this guys deal is.

    • If he's too ashamed to be with you in public then that's a deal breaker.
      But if it's just a side of himself that he only wants you to see then it's okay. Just figure out which one first

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