Where is a good place to meet people?

I know places like clubs aren't a good place to meet people, but where is a good place?


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  • Work-job, school, gym, park, mall, coffee shop/cafe, book store, library, music festival, through mutual friends, church, (?) super market, pet store, and pretty much anywhere that you can find men which is a lot of places.


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  • Church should be ideal.

  • Really, anywhere where the people you're looking for will be. A college campus would be a good bet.

    Single best thing to remember is--there's no perfect moment to approach someone. there's just "now" or "someday" which is code for "never."


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  • It depends on what you like and what you're into.
    Some people meet at bars and clubs.
    Some meet at church or in church groups.
    Some meet at events, like concerts or plays, museum shows.
    Some meet at work, work events, or while doing volunteer work.
    Some meet at school or school events.
    Some meet at the gym, or fitness events.
    Some meet through friends, friends of friends, coworkers of friends, friends of coworkers, etc.

    You need to figure out what YOU like and where YOU would like to hang out, even if you were alone. Those are the places that you'll meet people you have at least a few things in common with, right off the bat.

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