"Just Friends" Forever?

At First He Was An Acquaintance To Me Because He Goes To The Same High School With My Friend & At That Time I Was In 8th Grade, He Had A Crush On Her & He Told Me, & She Didn't Know... He Comes Over To Her House When I'm There & They Talk & Stuff... I Really Thought They Would End Up Dating... But I Guess I've Been Living Under A Rock Cause I Notice How They Don't Talk Anymore... He Started Talking To Me A little More & Now Were "Just Friends", I Want To Be More Than That But He's A Sophomore & It Gets Harder To Talk To Him, I Really Like Him, Being A Freshman Is A Pain... But He Changes My Whole View... I Know, I Know... I Just Started High School & I Should Focus On My Grades & What Not, But He Just Makes Me Happy & I Love Talking To Him So Much!!! But I Have No Idea What To Talk About On Facebook, & Now He's Barely On, I'm Afraid To Give Him My Number Because I Don't Know How He'll React... I Remember When I Asked Him To Walk Me To Class After Gym (That Was His Only Free Period, I Would Of Chose The Morning) I Was Nervous, I Thought He Wasn't Coming, Cause The Bell Was Ringing, & I Was So Sad, I Was About To Tell My Friend What Happen, & He CAME!!! He Told Me How I Looked Beautiful & Amazing :D & He Flashed His Gorgeous Smile AT Me & I Just Died Right There :) I Was Planing On Putting My Number On His Phone Without Him Noticing (I Was Gonna Pretend To Play Games) But He Said That He Doesn't Let People Touch His Phone, & I Believed Him, It Was Brand New & Looked Pretty Expensive, MY WHOLE PLAN BACKFIRED!!! I Need Advice, My Friend Doesn't Know I Like HIM, Should I Tell Her? I've Known Her Since I Was 5, But She's Two Years Older Than Me & Were Not The Best Of Friends, But Were Close Enough To Talk About Relationships & Stuff, But We Don't Go Deep In Detail, I Was Thinking Maybe She Could Help Me Since The're In The Same Grade (She Got Held Back). How Could I Get Closer To Him, Without Jeopardizing Anything?& Should I Worry About Him Talking To Other Girls? HELP!!!

Sorry I Did Not Mention This, But My Friend Never Had Feelings For Him In That Way... So That's Why They Stopped Talking, Well That's at Least What She Told Me, But She Was Getting A Bit Suspicious When I Asked About It, Should I Tell Her?


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  • Let your friend have him

    • She doesn't like him, and when he found out he stopped talking to her

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