What is the properties of bad guys?

Girls GENERALLY like bad guys. I wonder what is the typical characteristic of bad guys?


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  • Bad boys have an intriguing edge to them. The fact that they may be involved in negative things like excessive drinking, smoking, fighting, using girls, etc., is irrelevant, given the fact that they are generally super confident, attractive, and carefree. They are risk-takers. They do what they want, when they want. Their unpredictability makes them seem oh-so exciting.

    Girls want to dig under a bad boy's facade, and figure out why he is the way he is -- and make him change for the better.

    Notice how I say "girls" and not "women." :P


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  • They like the stereotypical "bad boy" not bad guys.
    Bad Boys:
    Image Wise: Physically attractive and stereotypes include: bikers, the jock who is also jerk, and other tough guy images.
    Personality: Uncaring, laidback, and arrogant.

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