Should I still go after my crush?

So I've crushed on this girl for 9 months and I have liked her more than any girl before. We seem really compatible and she seems to love talking with me and having me as company, but those are often symptoms of friend zone.

And she started dating the guy she went to homecoming with, so there's that. Should i wait for them to break up? Should I still ask her out even though she might perceive it as friendly? (She already made plans for us to go to lunch when my car is fixed.)

What should I do? I don't even really like anyone else.


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  • Just move on bro, sorry find the next girl and good luck.

    • Why not wait? You think it is friend zone? I think the only reason friend zone exists is because guys don't take action when they're "just friends" with a girl. But there aren't that many differences between a best friend and a girlfriend other than intimacy and title.

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    • I probably won't do that. Her sister is a good friend and I don't see us actually dating ever. And if I dated her, it'd be super weird to date my crush when she's available...
      I'll wait it out, but I doubt I'll even feel like dating any other girls.

    • Ok. Whatever you feel like doing, it is your decision.

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  • Maintain your friendship, if they break up great then you have your chance, but dont put your life on hold waiting for them to break up


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