Where to meet girls in grad school?

Im 25 years old, and I go to a rather well-renowned state institution in the MidWest for a masters degree in a quantitative field. Yet I'm 5'.5'' (yes, POINT 5, or in metric, 153cm), and my cohort (out of 112) is 95% from China/India, which makes it hard for them to relate. English is not their native tongue and they stick together. Its hard to find time for organizations as I did in college, which I blew socially. Some BG: my social skills were horrendous and I didn't get laid until I was 23 as a college super senior, or have a female friend in life until I was 20.

Anyway, what are some good way to meet girls? i'm interested in both DTF girls and ones who a relationship could happen with. I try to go to bars/clubs on the weekends: maybe the ones I go to have too many undergrads, but I don't look that old, esp. when wearing a baseball hat. I also don't have any friends here yet. I had 3 Tinder dates, all of which led to no where other than a french kiss for a few seconds.

WHAT DO I DO? I'm getting old, and I already missed out on the good part of life. I feel so ugly, inferior, etc. Yet I'm not in bad physical shape, not physically disabled, and I go here, which implies I'm smart. I will mention that I'm ethnically Jewish and I look it stereotypically (short, dark hair, low facial bone definition, and pale skin: the hook nose is a lie).


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  • Damn just from the amount of detail you give and the way you type its easy to see what kind of person you are. Im not sure, its hard to say what you can do because you already named the things i use to get laid.

    Im 19 and i just got into my first year of University on a sports scholarship, and i can say the school im at its extremely easy to meet girls and have sex.

    Id say dont give up on Tinder, the clubs are a great place to meet girls as well your age shouldn't matter aslong as they are above 19.

    Dont be picky on tinder mash the like button then start picking the ones you want to message once you hit at least 50-100 matches.


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