Why I get no matches on tinder?

I even mass swipe and still don't get matches


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  • haha please. just get off tinder, its creepy


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  • If your picture is the same as here. It is very unflattering.


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  • LOL you ask this because i suggest it on your last question?

    Try changing your pics man. Put stuff in your bio that will get girls attention.

    Do you not even get matches from fat girls?

    • I do so do you get hot and ugly girls?

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    • Well sometimes like I said I can't even get a mad with a ugly girl

    • Thats pretty harsh, well try to take farther away pictures maybe if your face isn't too appealing. or start working out and use a picture of your abs. A nice body will get tons of matches.

  • The women you are accepting don't think you look good in your pics. Simple as that.

    Get new pictures and/or aim lower.

    I'd strongly suggest not using topless photos as you don't have a good enough body to make it worth showing off.

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