Why does every day feel like a waste if?

I'm not looking for a SO or have one? I try to do other things but I get pulled back in by hormones. The hurt is physically painful every night I think about this stuff...


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  • Well, wanting a significant other and wanting sex (hormones) are two different things.
    Are you wanting both, or just sex?

    • Both for sure, but my hormones and emotions disagree. I just can't fuck a girl without a connection, but I no girl wants to be with me anyways so I'm not sure why I bothee.

    • No girl you've met YET has wanted to be with you. That doesn't mean that EVERY girl you ever meet won't want to be with you.
      You need to keep meeting new people, in whatever place you feel comfortable.
      Some people find luck with online dating too, it's really just another place to meet new people.

      Thanks for MH too!

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  • this is something that is also felt by many people too.


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