He lost interest in me after the first date?

I met this guy online a while back and we were talking for the longest time. About 2 months. We hit it off real well and were talking and getting along nicely. We sent snapchats to each other. I even sent no makeup pics. He was starting to get attached and was being caring and sending me many messages. It was as if we were slowly becoming a couple. Then, we finally met in person. He decided to have it be a triple date with his friends to make it "less awkward". Well, I ended up being pretty quiet because I couldn't relate to his friends well. And he was pretty quiet and looked nervous the whole time. The end result? He stops talking to me and recently told me that he lost interest because I wasn't talkative with his friends. How can I stop this problem from happening in the future and is this a valid reason for him to lose interest? Why would he lose interest if we were getting along so well before? He's a year younger than me, just turned 21.


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  • Don't worry about it. Life's too short, he ain't interested. Move on and find someone who is