How should I look and be? please read for furthur I request?

we just completed 1month of our relationship. my boyfriend's ex , i just seen her on an social website. She looks hot and beautiful, and me am just a simple and with not so hot looks. my bf won't say me anything, but its my wish somewhere in my heart, i wanna look beautiful as she is. am confused what to do? should i be a simple and normal or should i change my looks to get his more and more attention?


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  • Look at me for ex: I wanted to be a chill look boy. But born like this 1 thing is don't get plastic surgery because girls I view hot are girls who don't go this far to be hot. Make your hair silkey have some nice glowie healthy skin, also for lip stick the type of lip stick that I think is hot thes days is light pink glocey lipstick. Wear yoga pants or some nice blueish blue jeans. As a guy like me. Not to seam a perv but we boys check out your skin/butt/chest/ I like looking at lips and yoga pants. Just me but thes are few ways to get eyes on you. Also 1 thing that boys love, sweet kind voice, girl that with no rude bitchy mode. I don't really dig for the black eye lash thingy.. Thes are what I like seeing and not


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  • First of all, if he didn't like you or found you attractive enough, he would not be with you.
    Second, Why does it matter how she looks? Unless he's comparing you with her in someway and that is why you are feeling down. If that's not the case, then you shouldn't worry.

    Only change yourself because you want to or need to, not because of another person or to get attention.

    At the end, is your decision, just make sure you know what is best for you.

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