Should I be suspicious? I didn't think he was serious?

Long story short my parents judged the guy and wouldn't meet him. I'm 27 and he is 36. It took awhile but on May 11th I told them I was going to see him. Now they will meet with him. I told him and asked when I could see him. He said he was fixing to be really busy working for the summer. (He works at the Salvation Army- over two hours away from me.) He had followed me on twitter... and in yahoo messenger chat he was poking around asking me questions [Such as my ring size. I was wondering why. He said for future reference. He finally weaseled it out of me. He told me one day before he met with me at the mall he had been feeling silly because he was looking at rings.] before my parents knew. (They don't have twitter).

Anyway he said he would be "busy" for awhile. I had seen a comment on Twitter he posted at 9:03 am on Friday May 16th- "I don't always go shopping, but when I do I make sure I have more than $20 in my pocket." He probably knew he would be off on that Friday. The question is why did he wait to see me? It must have been pretty important whatever it was. (We met last summer he had time to see me then. I know for sure they start getting busier for Christmas around November at the SA.) He told me when he got home from work that he missed me. I even visited the SA church that was close to me three Wednesday nights. He wanted me to try it out. Over time it occurred to me that maybe he purposefully took on more hours and was possibly paying something off.

I find out on facebook... his friend got married last month. He met his wife around the time I met my boyfriend. They were engaged in March. Most of his other friends are married. Could their planning have made him think more about proposing?

We are dating. The comment was on his page not a tweet to me.


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