How to ask my "boyfriend" on a date without being weird?

So a guy friend who I really liked asked me out the other day to be my boyfriend and of course I said yes (btw we are high school sophomores). We haven't actually gone on a real actual date yet and I would really like to, just the two of us like on Friday. I'm afraid that he would be kinda freaked out and awkward and uncomfortable about it though (and please don't have your answer JUST be "well he's your boyfriend he wouldn't not wanna be alone with you") because we are each others first like relationships. I don't wanna do anything like crazy romantic but I think it would be cute to go out to like a movie or something.
I am a really really anxious person (I have diagnosed social anxiety) so I am really scared to ask him and bring it up in case he thinks it's too soon or stupid or weird or awkward or something like that.
How do I casually bring it up, or do you think that going on a double date with our friends who are dating would be better?


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  • Just ask him out, really. You're first answer is right. He IS your boyfriend, so of course he wants to. Maybe he's just shy.


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