First date old fashioned/traditional woman, conservative woman?

I have a first date coming up later in the week with this woman I find amazing. She appears to be everything I could ever want in someone. Anyway I am actually nervous for a date which is completely out of the ordinary for me. I know our view points our very similar on most things.

So with someone who has old fashioned/traditional values for dating/courtship.

I guess ladies if you were like how much touching would you think was crossing the line? Touching her arm, a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night? Any advice would be great.


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  • Touching her arm is fine, wouldn't suggest anything below the waist even for hugs keep your hands on her upper not lower back. Kiss on the cheek seems perfectly acceptable to me. It all depends on the person though so if you are really feeling a kiss on the lips and think she is thinking about it too then go for it.


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  • I think arm touching is fine, just read her reaction.
    I think maybe first date for me just leave the kissing/hugging out. Even second date.
    A first date really is just to learn more about the person, you don't have to jump in with anything physical.
    BY not trying to get too close to her too quickly you will show her massive respect.
    Try and judge her body language, and do what feels natural. Don't think about it too much.

    Where do you plan to take her?

    In all honesty when I first started dating my boyfriend, our first ever date we didn't touch. No kiss of any form.
    I wanted to take things really slow. And thankfully he didn't jump for anything.
    I can't remember if I told him or not.
    Anyway, on the second date, we went for a walk and he held my hand. In my head I freaked out, and got my hand back ASAP without being to obvious.

    I'm not massively old fashioned or traditional, but I was hurt in my last relationship and it took ages to get over it so I was very wary. And a tough cookie to crack.
    I wanted him to know I wasn't easy.
    He managed to trick me into a kiss on the third date. It was a short kiss but great none the less. But then he just spoke to me again. He could gauge how far he could take things we me.
    I made a point of never going to his place for over a month, I even didn't shave as a personal safeguard!
    Then finallly he tricked me again with a promise of just a msaage and somehow managed to get me cmpletely naked and we had sex. No idea how!


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