What are some good places to meet women the online thing sucks and has never worked?

I am 37 single not the best looking and very shy and I am a full time single time dad of 2. I really have no friends were I live now I have tried online dating for the past 6 years its has never worked. I don't like to volunteer as there nothing I am really interested in around and so on, what ever and I can't stomach religion. I am in cars beekeeping hunting fishing camping, beer making, and doing thing with my 2 kids, I go to the park with my kids I am so shy I avoided people like the plague and pay no attain to any one except my kids. I have from 9 am to 2 pm to my self as I have weird work hrs what is the best places to meet women I would like to get married agene some and still feel the need to have more children

when I am doing some thing I tend to avoid contacted with any one as I want to finish what ever I am doing grocery shopping laundry what ever hobby I am working on at the time


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  • If you're shy and avoid people like the plague, you're going to have a hard time meeting someone. Those two things are incompatible.

    • I know I am working on the shy part but its hard

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    • when I am out with my kids I tune ever one but kids out and when I see moms there I can't tell if there single or not

    • Right now, whether they are single or not is irrelevant. 1) You'll get practice talking to women. 2) They might be single. 3) If not, you charm them and they might know single friends.