Should I move on? or am I over-reaction?

This classmate, a great friend of mine. We have been on a few dates (although she hesitates to call them 'dates'). We always have a good time together.

Everything seemed to be going well, until now. She's doing this really important super awesome government project with another guy. He's a classmate (and friend) too. But not nearly as close as I am (or was), with her.

I'm jealous and scared right now. They spend so much time together and have so much work together (the project). She does text me often, though.

Yesterday, I asked her out for lunch and she said that she can't make it because she was going out of town for a few days (to her mother). Well, this is true, but I'm not sure if it was that exact day that she had to leave. Also, she din't suggest any other time.

Do I need to move on? or am I just freaking out for no reason?

PS - She's shy, never had a boyfriend.


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  • If the girl has trust on you and you on her you have nothing to worry about But if you still don't feel comfortable sit her down and talk to her communication is very important in a relationship just give her time and especially if she's not sure about her feelings. But if time goes by your gonna have to let her go.

    P. s don't give her a week or two give her a month or so and don't pressure her it'll just confuse her even more


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  • Yeah it is a girls way I think not to say " Not interested in you that way."

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