We both seem to be interested, why aren't we official yet?

We've been talking since July and seeing each other since then too. We see each other on the weekends and text throughout the day during the week.

He's said to me that he hopes that I can be his gf someday and I told him I hope so too (I was too nervous to say straight up I wanted to be his gf).

But I did tell him recently that I hoped I could be his gf someday.

He said he hoped so too because that would be nice.

He's very sweet and kind of shy around me. He says that he really likes me but for some reason he's shy around me. He calls me his kryptonite (I think that's cute!)

Things are going well and I really really really like him!!!

So how do I move things along?

When we are together he's very cuddly and kissy.

It took us 4 dates to just hold hands :P We were both shy around each other.


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  • You both are shy and reserved with each other. Thus, instead of being direct in regards to your individual hopes and expectations for each other, both of you dance around having "what are we, or where do you want this to lead to" talk. That being said, have the talk with him.


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  • Since you both are off to a slow start in the beginning it's gonna take longer for you to be official.