Just Curious... Second Date?

I recently went on a first date with a guy last week and then he texted me over the weekend saying he enjoyed our conversation. A few days later I reached out to him asking him about the weekend and went from there. At some point, I was talking about ice skating and that "maybe I can teach you how to ice skate and you can teach me how to play bass." and then he said "that would be fun, what's the closest rink?" and then "maybe this weekend sometime?"

but here's the thing: I wasn't saying when I would teach him but I think he thought that I wanted to show him how very soon when I was just saying it arbitrarily. In your opinion, who do you think planned the second date? By him asking where the closest rink is, was he planning it or was it both of our doing? I ask because I'm so used to guys planning the second date and I want to gauge his interest. Thanks!


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  • go on the date you threw out there and going forward do not throw out ideas arbitrarily... it can be confusing especially in texting...

    • thanks, yeah I didn't mean to confuse him or be vague. I was trying to be polite/nice in saying that I'd be willing to teach him *someday*... guess I should've said 'someday' lol I apologize if this was a silly question to begin with :-P

    • Not a silly question at all. I hippie robs work out for you. Let us know how it turned out.

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