Craziest thing you've ever done for your partner?

i got his name inked on my arm after 3 weeks of dating, lol
yeah.. i'm a pretty easy mind and never think. we are engaged now tho, so its alright.

what's the craziest thing you ever done for a person (and maybe even regret?)


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  • My ex boyfriend was a disgusting piece of shit and not only verbally and emotionally abused me, he also did some physical abuse. I accepted it because I was an idiot and blindly "in love" with him, so I thought.. anyway, he dumped me and said he'd take me back if I changed a number of things about myself. Basically, he wanted me to talk to no males at all, or hang out with my friends outside of school, to be quiet and keep to myself.. and if I did something wrong, he'd scream at me infront of everyone, it was humiliating and he crushed me, I was severely depressed for months. The craziest thing I'd done was change who I was so better suit him, to stop a boy who I didn't deserve from leaving me. I allowed a boy (no man does that) to treat me like a lowly piece of shit.. meanwhile, he cheated on me, I just didn't know.
    That is the craziest, I wasted two years of my life on him. I suffer from certain problems now, but my boyfriend I have no is complete opposite, so gentle and loving.

    • It's terrible that you had to go through something so horrific like that, but good thing you got out of it and found a good man.

    • I'm sorry you had to go through that. That's awful! 😔

    • Thank you both :) I was able to do so much better in life once I had enough and got him out of my life for good.

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  • After 3 months of dating I got a small pink smiley face tattoo on my left hand to match the black one he already had on his right hand.

    I got married suuuuper young, and moved all the way across the country, only 5 months ago, but it's sooooo worth it.

  • Gave up valuable sleep time. Crazy me. Life lesson: Never give up your sleep for a dick head.

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