Homecoming date doesn't seem interested in me?

So it's a couple weeks into school and I met this girl. I was immediately interested in her and I think she was too! So I asked her to homecoming and she said yes and right after she gave me a hug and blah bla blah anyway so it's been like 3 weeks since that and we talk a little and I hug her every now and then but it seems like she doesn't like me anymore! We barely talk at all and I feel like she wants me to make the first move and spark a convo but I also feel like she is avoiding me cuz I hardly see her at school. I have one class with her and I used to sit behind her until we moved seats in class. Anyway can anyone help me?


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  • She's probably a bit shy now since you've expressed interest in er. Just like you're kind of new to this, she's kind of new to this too. Just have a conversation with her when you see her. Just the same sort of conversations that you used to have. You don't need to think that now you have to act differently -- no, you don't. If you like her though you can slowly get closer emotionally. Just like friends: when out first met you weren't that close and as you get to know each other you get closer. Its the same speed. No rush. At homecoming though you can go for a kiss if you'd like. When a girl is ready for a kiss she might look at your eyes and back at your lips then back to your eyes then back to your lips etc. Or she might look at you without blinking and/or her pupils might be dialated. But all this aside. Just go with it. You are the one experiencing this so I only know what you've put but if you feel she wants you to talk, then talk. It REALLY will be ok.


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