So I really like this guy?

In mid August I realized that I like my guy friend. We weren't real close but we share a group of friends. I make my friends CDs, kind of like giving someone a mixtape. Anyway, I made him one a while ago, because he likes one of my favorite bands. I like him because he is nice, liberal and cultured. He likes this girl at our school but is very back and forth with her. One day she is great in the next she is mean to him. He is a great guy so I'll never understand that. He is going to homecoming with her, which is whatever. However, that is just one night. We see each other everyday and actually talk. We don't text though, once a week yeah. This just started. Sunday we text for 3 hours. Other times he just says a few sentences. In person we talk and have great time. I don't know what to do. I wrote him a letter that I will never send. Here it is . Please give me advice!


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  • I think that if you tell him or even hint that you like him that he could consider his feelings for you and realize that this other girl is not 'good enough' for him and that you and him could be more than friends.


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