Is this still fixable with time?

Met this girl online, and went on a date with her.. We connected immediately.. Said the same thing at the same moment 3 times, she couldn't stop laughing and touched me all the time.. Stared in my eyes...

So I asked her on a second date.. And we went to the movies a day or 3 after the first date. We did nothing but have fun it looked like we were the only one in the theatre while we weren't. I kissed her on the way out and she started shaking and hugging me.. Walked her to her car and sat down to talk. She said she wasn't ready etc.. Didn't know what she felt. Didn't know if it was right. She came out of a 3 year relationship.. I told her lets take it slow and we'll see.. But then she lay her head on my shoulder and we kissed again.. She shaked again and pulled back several times.. She ended up on top of me kissing and cuddling for 2 hours.

After that it she said she had no time to meet me.. And sought excuses all the time to not see me. But did text me she had feelings and also that she wanted me to be with her in bed to cuddle and kiss.. And then sometimes the other day she would be very distant. So I got confused and mad and asked her several times what she wanted.

Eventually I pushed her away. wrote her a letter saying I want to give her space and take it slow but had to see her. but she said she couldn't and didn't know if she ever could see me again.

I'm waiting now to contact her again.. I never met someone like her.. Or had such feelings

What should I do?


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  • Sounds like she is partly to blame here too. She also sounds like still has issues to work out. She is unable to commit right now. She wants space, but she has feelings, no time to meet right after she wants to lay with you and cuddle... I would just contact her and apologize for what happened. Tell her you really like her and are still interested in starting a relationship at what ever pace she is conformable with. Tell her you where just frustrated because you think she is great person and just wanted to see her more. After that, the ball is in her court.


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  • Don't contact her again. You are just going to come off as desperate. You told her you'd take it slow with her and then tried to force her to make a decision. Do you see how that could've made her feel pressured? Do not be needy, do not act desperate, don't be clingy. Give her some space, I'd suggest waiting a week before you try to talk to her again, even then tread lightly. Whatever you say do not say anything about "relationship stuff". If anything ask her if you can start over as friends. If she is still cold or ignores your message, leave her alone. Move on. Good luck :)

    • I did tell her wed take it slow.. But then we ended up making out for 2 hours, she did all this i gave her control. She initiated this

      It's been almost a week since the letter.

      She also told me she had some friends (boys in friendzone) that she talked to, but she didn't talk to any of them like she talked to me.

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  • You were put in the friendzone sadly. There's nothing you can do but move on and find someone else.

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