Please help girls and guys: What is this girl thinking?

She pursued me and flirted with me and even said that we should go out, so i asked for her number

We went on a date and she gave me lots and lots of compliments and said she had an amazing time.

The next time i saw her we stayed around long after everyone else had left talking (we stood very close to each other and she kept stealing glances at my crotch, she also touched my arm etc.) when she left she said "see you soon" despite saying she'd be away all the next weekend

So i texted her that night saying it was nice to talk to her and we texted for a few hours and i asked her out, she then counter proposed saying she couldn't make it saying i could go to hers or we could go for a drink

I accepted the drink offer and gave her a place and asked her what sort of time should could do after work... BUT despite numerous texts both ways talking during the week she didn't give me a time, so i asked her again, and she ignored it again in her next text

why is she being flirty and nice over texts, always replying but ignoring giving me a time and the date?

also what should i do to get her? the only thing i can think of is just completely ignoring her text and stopping any non-face to face contact


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  • that's weird, but seems she can't schedule a date. Just set a time yourself, like "so, 8 pm at place b?" and let's see what she says.

    • well as i said i gave her a place and told her what sort of time i can do that evening (the day was set), i have a feeling if i said a time she'd just ignore it and i'd be drinking by myself

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  • Maybe she's just flaky? I know that you've said she's the one you want, but it sucks to be the only one doing any legwork. What you said in your update sounds like a good next move. As weird as it sounds, apathy might get her attention.


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  • Just stop texting her now and find another girl.
    Leave her.

    • i don't want another girl i want this girl and apart from this it's obvious she wants me too

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